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"I have a Peter Guarneri Violin and a bow by Australian maker Jeffrey Ellis which is equal to some of the finest bow makers working now."

Donald Hazelwood, Order of the British Empire (OBE) and Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) recipient,
     former long serving concertmaster of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

"Sydney's Jeffrey Ellis is one of Australia's most notable bow makers.

He was a Churchill Fellow and studied with William Salchow in New York in 1989.

Since 1988 Jeffrey Ellis has been awarded 5 certificates of merit from the Violin Society of America and in 1993 he was awarded a silver medal at the Mittenwald Violin and Bow making Competition."

The Strad Magazine, August 1993.
     Article by Michael Atherton, author of Australian Made, Australian Played and
     Foundation Professor of Music, Associate Dean (Research), and founding Head of the former School of Contemporary Arts,
     University of Western Sydney

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About Bows

Types of Bows

Three bow typess are in use today, these are baroque, transitional and modern.

The History of Bow Making

Very little is known of the makers of the early baroque period, bow types were generally designated according to the players who used them i.e. The Cramer, Corelli, Tartini or Viotti.

The Tourte family with Viotti, and primarily Francois Tourte were responsible for the development of the early modern bow, while John Dodd in London produced similar bows.

With the arrival of bow makers such as Peccatte, bows, while looking similar to those of Francois Tourte are heavier and stronger but do continue to retain the same camber shape.

Voirin (1833-1885) takes the next step and increases the camber of the stick, in particular, behind the head.

Sartory (1871-1946) later produces a more robust version of this style of bow.

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Jeffrey A. Ellis is based in Sydney, Australia and frequently works for international clients in need of high quality handmade bows, bow repair and bow restoration services.

Jeffrey A. Ellis - Bowmaker

Sydney, Australia
Tel: +61 (2) 9498 7290
Domestic: 02 9498 7290

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Please get in touch if you require assistance with the following instruments, their bows, or repairs/restoration work. Jeffrey A. Ellis is based in Sydney, Australia and frequently undertakes work for international clients.

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